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Having originally started off in the nursing field, Den quickly discovered a passion for real estate, realising that many families were settling for homes less than what they deserved. Holding a firm belief that physical, mental, and emotional health starts at home, Den took the leap of faith, and started his career in real estate. 

Today, with over a decade of experience in real estate, Den has not once regretted his decision. He has successfully guided countless families along their real estate journey, finding them their dream home to suit their specific needs. Den places his clients’ best interests at the forefront of all he does, taking the time to fully understand their unique needs, and help them find their dream home. From aiding clients to get their first home, to upgrading their property, to relocation, or downgrading, Den ensures his clients’ needs are fully-met, with pragmatic solutions that won’t break the bank. 

As a family man himself, Den understands the importance of home. Home is where the heart is, and Den loves seeing home buyers find their dream house, and turn it into a warm and welcoming family home. With that goal in mind, Den strives to continually improve himself, constantly keeping up with the latest market trends, and the different skillsets as a real estate consultant, to better serve his clients and meet their needs.  

Many of Den’s clients have benefited from his personally developed, tried & tested strategies. His winning formula of detailed financial planning, proper advice and guidance, in-depth market analysis, and long-term financial projections have gained him a strong record of client success, and his heart to serve his clients and meet their needs has garnered him a well-deserved reputation as a genuine, authentic, and effective real estate consultant.

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With a background in pharmaceutical chemistry, Esther first decided to pursue her dreams as a flight attendant, before realising that she much preferred property to planes. She found her true calling in the real estate industry, as a realtor known for being versatile, interpersonal, genuine, and relatable. Since coming into real estate, she has not looked back once, entering the industry with confidence, authenticity, and a strong passion for changing lives.

Esther is no stranger to the real estate industry, and in fact, it runs in her blood! With her father’s background in property management influencing her from a young age, it’s no wonder that Esther has developed an uncanny instinct for real estate trends, and market movements. That made it all the more satisfying for her when she bought her first property at the age of 27, allowing her to experience for herself the power of real estate in bettering lives.

As a real estate consultant, Esther continually keeps up-to-date on the latest market insights, news, and underlying movements and trends. Armed with these insights, she is able to advise her clients on the right investment decisions to make, and the right time to make them.

Esther’s two-fold focus on both residential and commercial properties has earned her the reputation of being a versatile consultant. In the residential sector, she focuses on ultra-luxury condos – particularly in Singapore’s prime districts, as well as landed homes. As for the commercial sector, her focus is on commercial shophouses in Singapore’s Central Business District. Regardless of sector, Esther’s drive and passion remains constant – to serve her clients to the best of her ability and to be a part of changing lives through real estate.

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